Creative projects with impact

We are 125Procent: a social enterprise dedicated to change society by investing in its’ people. 125Procent truly believes that investing in people brings out the best in them. We believe that everyone can and should contribute to society, so that through passion and talent one reaches its’ highest potential. 125Procent is experienced in target group participation, particularly youth. Through our work we strive to contribute to the personal growth of our target groups, by creating a safe and openminded environment. By investing in people, we deliver on project goals while contributing to a better society together. Our years of experience in different project disciplines (e.g. events, campaigns and educational projects) allows us to create an environment in which youth and other target groups have the opportunity to participate, enhance their (soft and hard) skills, discover their talents and develop their passions. The empowerment of people and their community is central to all our work/projects.

Deelnemers aan Week van de Arbeid staan aan een desk samen te overleggen
Mute Sounds Festival |10-10-2015 | © Verkijk.nl – www.fb.me/verkijk

125Procent is composed of a highly committed team, supported by a pool of freelance experts and over a hundred recurring volunteers, working on a variety of projects and themes. Our innovative way of working knows what works and how to connect your demand to the situation on the ground.125Procent invests in people, so they can grow and contribute. Together they build a strong and passionate society! Our core values are transparency, humanity, honesty, fun, passion, respect, inclusion and participation.

125Procent’s main aim is to increase participation of people and empower them to contribute to their own community by setting up projects that provide ample opportunity to do so. Our expertise with involving young people and their network through all stages of a project brings an inclusive focus to the project. 125Procent’s method for participation starts at the beginning of each project: we already involve young people in the creative brainstorm for the concept development of the project. During all phases of developing and executing the project young people stay involved. They provide input and feedback, they become ambassadors or participants and are honest and critical in the evaluation and for the continuity of the project.


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